It is an oil that moisturizes and protects the paw pads of your pets. Its made of 100% domestic high quality Squalene oil which has a high permeability and has a close ingredient to animal sebum. It is a safe and stable component that has been used for many years in human grade cosmetics. Good Skin Days Skin Protect oil is a non sticky , scentless oil. Skin Protecting Oil penetrates the pads of the paws fast to soften and protect the skin. It will spread and penetrate even small amounts.



First of all, start with a small amount, applying on the pads for the initial 3-4 days and follow up ever 3 days after. You will see a marked improvement in the smoothness of your pet's paws. Personally, I like to rub the residue of this greaseless oil over my pet's coat after application. :D

Skin Protect Oil For Paws


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