Carrot Nuitrition

Vitamin A ,Vitamin K, Fiber , Potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Manganese


Carrots Promote Better Dog Vision

The most obvious health benefit your dog can receive from the consumption of carrots is better vision. The reason why is because of the amount of Vitamin A found in carrots.


Carrots For Healthy Bone Density in Dogs

The vitamin responsible for keeping our bones healthy and strong is Vitamin K. More specifically, this nutrient will help your dog by increasing their bone density.


Carrots For Good Dog Oral Hygiene

When your dog chews on carrots, the crunchiness helps by scraping off the plaque, food particles and other gunk stuck in their teeth. This is very similar to how apples can clean your dog’s teeth.


Carrots Promote a Healthy Dog Heart

Nutritionists have concluded that carrots are associated with a lower risk of heart disease in humans. This same benefit of carrots may be experienced with your dog as well.


Carrots For a Healthy Liver

Vitamin A has also been known to reduce all the bile and fat that collects in the liver. A little pieces of carrots can go a long way in the health of your dog’s liver.


How Many Carrots Can I Give My Dog?

To be safe, always start off with just a few slices of carrots. Do not give a dog more than half a stick of carrot a day for more than 3 days a week. A few pieces of baby carrots per day for 3 days out of the week should suffice.



Carrot Pork Broth

  • It’s recommended that no more than 5% to 10% of the dog’s diet can be made up of carrot. When eating foods high in fiber, there is always a chance that you may experience diarrhea.

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