3D Customized meat cake is a meat cake (protein of your choice) with a 3D figurine customized based on your dog. The 3D figurine is made fully with mashed potato. Price of the customization starts from $70 onwards depending on your dog colors, breed of dogs, size of cake and your special request for the design.


Customization price does not include the base meat. For the price of the base meat of your choice, you may refer to the standard cake.

Therefore, total for the 3D customization cake will be the base protein and size (price from standard cake) + the customization price (depending on your dog color and design).

For example,

Pork Small + a 3D poodle figurine customization (solid color without other special request)

= $28 + $70 = $98 (Total)


If you have special request of the design of the cake, you may put in the request under special request. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Do not make payment until cake is confirmed.

3D Meat Cake (Starts from $98 and above)

Your dog's color (for dog figurine)
Size of cake
Protein base
Cake Collection
  • Self-collection is recommended. If delivery is required, we are able to help you arrange a driver from 3rd party. Delivery charges will be based on distance starting from $10.

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