Frequent Ask Questions

What is your operating hours?

Operating hours as follow: Monday Closed Tue to Wed 12pm to 6pm Thu to Fri 12pm to 10pm Sat 1030am to 10pm Sun 1030am to 9pm (Last order is 1 hour before closing) During the holiday, please check our facebook or instagram for announcement.

Do you have residence dogs?

No. We do not have residence dogs. We are pet friendly cafe where owners can bring their dogs to enjoy a dining experience together. However, customers with no pets who likes to experience dining surrounded by dogs are welcomed too!

Can I come and play with the dogs if I don't have one?

Yes. You are welcomed to visit Ah B Cafe even though you dont have any pets. Do check with the owners if you would like to touch any of the dogs. Carrying is not advisable as mishandling may hurt the dogs. Kids below 12 years old need to be accompanied by parents.

Can I make a reservation? I'm on my way now.

We do not take reservation and especially a last minute one. For party or big group of 10 and above, please reserve at least 1 days in advance and base on availability. For party cakes, please note that only Bossipaws' cake is allowed in the cafe. 2 days advance order is needed. Please walk in at first come first served basis.

Why is there a minimum spending policy?

Minimium spending is applied to all patrons who are taking indoor seatings. (Currently, our outdoor seatings has no minimum spending) This is to have a better control of the indoor area with a limited no. of patrons and dogs so that everyone can enjoy a safe and clean environment. All dogs entering the indoor premises will undergo a basic screening where territorial markers are compulsory to wear pet diapers and aggressive dogs need to be on leash and keep close to owners at all times. The old policy allows everyone to enter with their dogs without a proper briefing of our houserules which in turn create an unhygienic and overcrowding enviroment.

Why does dog who are territorial marker need to be on pet diaper? I can clean after them if they urine. My dog do not like to wear this.

Although cleanliness is our top priority, we have this rule in place for the reason of safety as well. Once a dog urine, it will trigger more dogs to mark the area continuously. At the same time, dog urine can be a root cause to transmission of dieases. Leptospirosis is one of the bateria that can affect both animals and human. It can be contracted if you or your dogs come into contact with the urine, blood, or tissue of animals or rodents that are infected with the bacteria and some affected animals could be a carrier without any symptons. For outdoor patrons, we have water pails for you to pour over any urine or poop to dilute and prevent other dogs from licking. To prevent and ensure safety of all dogs and human who patronised Ah B Cafe, this is what we do to lower the risk to such cases. We hope all patrons practise our rules for safety of your dogs as well as for others.

Why can't you let us sit indoor when there are still so many seats available? We just want to get a drink and will leave in 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, we couldn't change our policy as and when we like it. We have customers who had already spend the minimum and it will be unfair towards those who had obliged to our policy.

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